Inflatable dolls may come second to sex dolls, but they are generally a great depiction. For some people, inflatable dolls are better option because they can be found easily and at a much cheaper price when compared to sex dolls. If you are wild and fun when it comes to sex, then dolls are a great option for you and can fulfil your intimate desires.  The first reason you should consider purchasing blow up dolls is that they are less expensive as compared to silicon or TPE alternatives. A inflatable doll can easily cost you 80% less when compared to the other dolls. Customise modes can cost even 30 times as much as inflatable dolls.  Another reason is that inflatable dolls are light and very easy to transport. They are so light that anyone can handle them. The size of the doll makes it easy to transport and also easier to manage during sex.

Unlike silicon dolls, you will not have to waste a lot of strength moving it around and fixing it in the right position. They are also easy to store. Whenever you want to use or store your doll, you just have to inflate and deflate it. it will not take up much of your storage space like the other dolls. Being deflectable makes it easy to store away from people whom you do not need to tell about your sex life. Because making inflatable dolls is easy, manufacturers have come up with different varieties to fit people’s different needs. Some manufactures even go to the length of making dolls that look like your favourite celebrities, singers and actors. It will not cause you and the manufacturer any issues as long as the individual has given them legal permission to do so.  Inflatable dolls come with one or two orifice and others give a more realistic face to make the experience worth something.