Getting yourself in the mood and jerking one off after a long and tiresome day is a good form of therapy. Studies show that any form of sex (whether it is with your partner or by yourself) is a great form of stress reliever. It is not always easy to get in the mood, especially when you have so much on your mind. Relaxing your mind is the first thing you should do. Doing relaxing activities like baths, listening to a simple and sexy playlist, or even lying down on your bed can do a lot for you and your libido. Take a warm shower and put on comfortable clothing. Wearing tight clothes will reduce blood supply and therefore increase the stress levels. Make sure you set the mood right, dim the lights and free your mind off other issues if you want to relax. The music should be smooth and arousing to increase the effect.

Thinking about past sexual experiences is a simple way to get things going. if that does not turn you on, do not dwell on the idea. Some people find that listening to audio-porn gives the same effect as smooth music. It plays a double role; it can be relaxing and arousing at the same time. If you can’t turn yourself on, you have a serious issue. Either the stress is overwhelming or you have a health issue. Either way, you should not give up easily on the idea. Watching porn will do just the trick. Contrary to popular belief, porn will enhance your sexual desires rather than destroy them. To make it more effective, you can watch free naked girls live. It is an immediate arouser and will help you relieve the stress twice as fast. Studies show that men can relieve stress and tension just from seeing a sexy woman.