In recent years, people have become more aware and open about sex; as a result, performance expectation has risen. For fear of underperformance, sexual anxiety is more rampant. Men worry more on having erectile dysfunction and not having the right penis size to satisfy their partner. Women, on the other hand, become sceptical about not being in a position to get aroused quickly and difficulty in getting an orgasm. You need to know that some of the expectations are overrated. Sexual performance anxiety should not prevent you from having the desired sexual experience. You can never enjoy sex unless you get comfortable with yourself. It will enable you to accommodate the other person. Women mostly are affected by a negative body image as a result of the idea of the ‘perfect body’ they see on the media. Develop a positive body image by appreciating yourself no matter the size of your body. It will make it easier for you to express your needs and improving your performance.

Educating yourself on sex by reading sex books or journals will help you get well prepared for a sexual encounter. If you are a visual person, you can watch pornographic materials on Top Site Porno to give you a better idea of sex. Lack of proper sex education will make you approach sex with uncertainty hence the anxiety. If you both find out that you are anxious, you should take time to talk. Engaging in a conversation that you both find exciting and it will reduce the tension. You will see that you get more comfortable with one another and can finally continue to intercourse. Taking time to explore one another bodies through activities like massage, foreplay and taking a shower together may be romantic. It will also generate intimacy effortlessly due to reduced sexual pressure.