Most women want a strong partner who has an idea of how to be dominant in bed, and so do most men.  What do I mean by strong? someone who is willing to take charge in bed. If you have zero prospects of being dominant, you do not need to worry; there are a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your love life at a perfect 10 and your relationship happy.  Before you make any decisions, you should confide in your partner so you can understand their desires and how far they are willing to take it. Domination can range from gentle and moderate to aggressive; so making decisions on a safe level is important. For a gentle domination you can try pushing your partner against the wall, talking dirty and manhandling. There is no better and easier way to turn your partner on than by talking dirty to them.

Push your partner against the wall, throw them on the bed and pull their hair to increase the pleasure and make them feel dominated.  The fun starts when you introduce some moderate domination.  Grabbing, spanking and biting your partner are some dominant things that will turn them on immediately.  They are a great way to show some kind of dominance while increasing their sexual desires at the same time. Small torture activities like orgasm denial and cuffing them to the bed will make the whole situation even better. Some people fantasise about aggressive domination; you can use this opportunity to make their fantasies come true. BDSM is considered one of the most common aggressive dominations among the females. If you have watched the movie series 50 shades of gray, then you have an idea of how you can go about it. men really enjoy some aggressive domination, you can watch some ballbusting videos for ideas on how to be sexually aggressive for your partner.