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What are the different lesbian sex activities?

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Oral sex-every lesbian has a fantasy of oral sex when she is performing sex with a girl. Oral sex is a desirable part of lesbian sex whenshe sucks and licks the creamy pussy by tongue and lips. You can feel some soft touches of the lips on your organ and feel warmer and excited.

Dildos- she uses some sex toys like dildos for giving you a feeling of sexual intercourse. She uses different sized and styles of dildos for giving a sensation of penetration. You can also complete the fantasy of anal penetration in your sexual act.

Vibrators-if you want to add to the pleasure then you can also use vibratos. The escort will give you some sensations of vibration on your pussy. It is basically used for masturbation and squirting in different sex positions.With sensual touches and use of sex toys, you are surely going to have an amazing sex experience.